for the love of food


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Food. Food and more good food. It’s pretty simple to find a good place to eat for people in Calcutta. Must be one of those few places with enough choices for the herbivore and the carnivore at the same time. Still fish and sweets outshines everything else in he city. Bengali’s not interested in either one of the two are considered almost outcast.









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a conversation over a cup of good coffee can be something most romantic. often a cup of coffee can stay in your memory for years to come. i often remember the cups of coffee i had with my childhood sweetheart. or those cold wintry mornings while someone would wait for me with a hot cup of coffee on the road or the one when i told my girlfriend to look forward to married life with me that was how we decided to get married over a cup of coffee.

spice shop

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bottles can’t stop them from spreading their aroma. for me even a well shot picture of spices have a faint fragrance. pretty much like pictures of naked women fulfilling dreams of raunchy men.